What to Expect 

This sections below were designed to inspire you with some tried and true destination wedding ideas. We are always happy to work with our couples to bring their own unique ideas to life as well!

Here's what we cover:

  • Bride and Groom's wedding attire 

  • Bridesmaid and groomsmen wedding attire 

  • Ceremony and reception decor and locations.  

  • Trash the Dress Sessions

What to Wear?

The 1st question most couples ask is what should we wear? The answer is anything you want!  We do suggest reception attire for couples marrying in a more formal fashions. The change to your reception garb is usually made after the 1st dance.

Keep in mind it'll be warmer and much more humid than it might be at home and because of that most Brides choose a lighter gown designed specifically for destination weddings. They can be short & sassy or long, tulip, ballgown, mermaid, flouncy, gathered or feathered, many have semi formal trains, but they're made of lighter material and much more suited to the heat, humidity and travel. 

Remember you'll have to pack and transport your wedding dress and that's why so many destination Brides include a trash the dress session in the ocean. It makes for great photos and eliminates the need to carry the gown home.

Brides and Grooms

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The Bridal Party

What Kind of Wedding

Do You Want?

An island wedding offers unique ceremony and reception locations that add untold amounts of exotic luxury to your day without adding any cost. The smallest wedding seems so much more special simply by being on a beach at sunset, a cliff overlooking the ocean or a yacht sailing through the Caribbean. Larger, more opulent weddings shine like diamonds in the Caribbean and the sky's the limit!

A destination wedding gives you, your family and friends what might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy each other's company in a setting where no one has to drive home, get permission to stay out late or pick up the check! You can indulge and relax... drink, eat, wade in the ocean, swim in the pool, sunbathe, do the spa, hit the casino or a catch a show.

We'll be glad to walk you through the options and help you select the best fit for your fantasy and your budget.  You'll be pleased to see how much more you can do with a destination wedding.

The Ceremony

The Reception

Trash the Dress

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