Wedding Planning Services

We offer several levels of service, sure to fit the budget and needs of any

Bride and Groom. If our packages don't suit, we'll be happy to

customize a package just for you. 

*Travel Only 

  • We plan and coordinate all travel for you and your wedding guests.

  • We assist you in choosing an island, cruiseship or port of call that best suits your wedding wishes.

  • We set up and manage payment plans for your guests to insure that all guests make it to the wedding.

  • You make all the wedding arrangements and handle all the planning.

  • If planning becomes too tedious, you can hire one of our planners by the hour or on a flat rate basis to get things in order. 

Hourly Rate

If you're planning a smaller destination wedding you can hire one of our wedding planners for a few hours or the day to help you get the planning in motion and tie up most of the loose ends. This package is used in conjunction with the travel package above. 

Cost: $200/hour (1-3 hours), $150/hour (4-6 hours), $800 (7-8 hours)

Flat Rate

This package includes a set number of hours determined by the bride & groom. The hours can be used to do general wedding planning, to set a timeline or to address specific details that you may need help with such as wedding decor, working with your resort or cruiseline and your budget. 

Cost: $1,000 (10 hours), $2,000 (20 hours) 

   Consultation and Planning Fee

This includes more detailed, hands on involvement by the planner, but is not considered full service since your planner will not travel with you to the resort to direct pre-wedding events or coordinate the wedding day. Here is a list of the things your planner will help you with.

  • We assist you in choosing a resort, cruise line or destination based on your budget and vision of your wedding day.  

  • We arrange travel plans.

  • We set up and coordinate payment plans.

  • We explain the wedding packages offered by your chosen resort and help you choose the package options right for you.

  • We create a checklist, timeline and detailed wedding budget.

  • We negotiate with the resort on your behalf and present you with a final plan, complete with pricing before you depart for your wedding. 

You finalize all pre-arranged wedding details in resort upon your arrival. This is a nice choice for smaller weddings that don’t need a full service planner on site for the wedding day.

Cost: $4,500  

Full Service Planner 

If you want help planning the entire wedding, this package is for you! A full service planner allows you to not only enjoy the time leading up to your departure, but also the pre-wedding time in resort with your guests instead of worrying about the details. Your planner will take part in all aspects of your wedding planning, you tell her your vision and she'll make it happen.

Your planner will travel with you to be on site for pre-wedding events and to direct the wedding day leaving you free to enjoy your beautiful destination wedding! Here is a list of what you can expect from your full service wedding planner:

  • We create a timeline, checklist, running budget & final budget so you are fully aware of what you will *owe the resort  and what to expect from your wedding prior to your arrival

  • We assist you in finding the resort, cruiseline or destination that's best for you. 

  • We assist you in choosing ceremony & reception locations once your destination is chosen. 

  • We advise you on the documentation needed by couples marrying outside the U.S., but who desire a legal ceremony.

  • We assist with the wedding theme, color choices & decor and oversee the execution of ceremony & reception decor on the wedding day.

  • We assist in the preparation of a custom wedding vows and help our couples plan the ceremony of their dreams. 

  • We provide a non-denominational minister, professionally robed and stoled, who will perform your wedding ceremony in English 

  • We negotiate with your chosen resort or cruisline to *secure flowers, photography, wedding cake, DJ and any other incidentals necessary to make your wedding day all that you want it to be. 

  • We set up payment plans.

  • We *book all travel for your wedding group. Depending on the number of guests, your planner may secure group rates and free travel for the bride and groom.

  • We can *plan round-trip airport transportation for the bride & groom

  • We will execute actions on your behalf, based on your pre-arranged plans, if you so desire to free yourself from the details.

  • We *design and send invitations, design and print ceremony programs and assemble guest welcome bags

  • We direct and coordinate rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

  • We provide full wedding day coordination

  • We troubleshoot any problems

  • We plan pre-wedding group activities

  • We will create a wedding website, using information and photos supplied by you, where your guests can go for information and updates, contact your planner with questions or to report food allergies/preferences, plus make bookings and/or payments toward their trip.

Cost: $9,500  

*The cost of these items is separate and not included in our  fee

  • The cost of your resort stay, air and transfers 

  • The cost of any wedding options booked with the resort or cruiseline that incur a cost

  • The cost of limo transportation to & from the airport, if applicable

  • The cost of invitation and program paper, unless provided by you.

  • The cost of welcome bags and items included

Booking and coordination of rooms, air and limo, designing of invitations and programs, shopping for, designing  and assembling welcome bags is included in our fee.  

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